To the Teenage Soldiers of the 39th Battalion at Kokoda

They fought not for a mystical Holy Grail Their campaign was one, that must not fail They fought against odds of eight to one And with youthful courage made that a better sum Applied creativity to conquer the foe If hung on a gallery wall would out do a Van […]

The Experience of a lifetime

From time to time at Back Track, we receive emails from past trekkers and I would like to share one with you now. For all who have completed the Kokoda Track we all experience at least one significant realisation during our trek that probably was not an expectation before we […]

Follow your Friends and Family on the Kokoda Track

Back Track has recently added a new service for all our trekkers. Our Kokoda Track trek Leaders now carry a GPS Navigation device that sends regular positional updates back to our Head office. You can follow the progress of any friend or family member who is trekking with us by […]

The Best Footwear For Trekking

Looking to go on an adventure through the woods? Trekking is an exciting reality for many individuals, but this can only be memorable when done with preparation. The last thing one wants is to get hurt on the trails and not being able to come back safely. This is why […]

(Kokoda) Track Brothers

Chris Herlihy, Back Track Trek Leader,  2012 It is a steep and winding mountain track in the Owen Stanley ranges,

Trekking Tips for Beginners

Trekking provides you many things; gives you life time memories, makes you experience the beauty of nature and bonds you with nature. For that, you need to prepare properly for this activity. The following are a few tips which will make your trekking an excellent vacation. 1. Clothing – chose […]

Hiking Preparation

Kokoda trail is known to be a very difficult trail because of its elevated terrain that it can sometimes lead to long stretch of steep ascents and steep descents. The trail may be filled with sharp ridges and cliffy sided valleys but it also shows breathtaking mountain views just like […]

Choosing The Right Trek Leaders For Kokoda

One has to know and learn why Kokoda trail is widely popular for trekking enthusiasts.  Trekking the terrain is short of following the footsteps of the brave Australian soldiers defending the terrain against the advancing troops of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.  The Australian troops primarily defending […]

The Kokoda Track And Its Heritage

The Kokoda Track was first traveled by miners in the late 1800’s as they made their way to the Yodda Kokoda goldfields. It is most known, however, for being the site of a major WWII battle between the Australian and Japanese forces. Stretching 96 kilometers over rough and rugged terrain […]

Reasons to Choose Trek kokoda for Your Trekking Adventure

The Kokoda track: a thoroughfare that runs overland became popular after the World War II battle between Japan and Australia in 1942. The rugged and unspoilt track boasts of indigenous plants and animal species that are not seen anywhere else in the world. There are breathtaking mountains and sparkling streams […]

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