Popular and passionate Back Track Trek Leader, Darren Muller has surpassed his Fund-raising target of $10,000 which will ensure the Naduri Health Centre, which is located in the middle of the Kokoda Track, can maintain a full time Heath nurse for another 12 months. To raise the funds, Darren is attempting the herculean effort of kayaking the Burdekin River from source to sea. You can still contribute and support the people of Kokoda by donating. Follow the link below.

What you need to know about the track

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Experiencing the Track from our trekkers

How to choose which trekking company on the Kokoda Track

Trekking the Kokoda Track can look to be the same with every single company on the Track, and there’s over 20 of us. How do you determine which company to go with? We have 36+ years experience taking small groups trekking around the world and have been trekking on the […]

BUSTED: Five Myths about Trekking the Kokoda Track

While plenty of Aussies know a little bit about Kokoda, there are a lot of misconceptions held about actually trekking the Track and PNG in general. We are here to bust five common myths we get asked about all the time when it comes to Kokoda and trekking! MYTH #1: […]

Nikki’s story: Day 2 Hoi to Isurava

Nikki Moyes trekked the Kokoda Track with Back Track Adventures in 2017 (Team 1 and 2). This extract is from her book ‘Kokoda Trek: 75th Anniversary’ and gives the full story of her ten-day journey.  Day 2, 18 April 2017: Martin’s rooster impersonation woke us at five am. He’d obviously practiced […]

Mark and his family conquer the Kokoda Track

Mark from Team 12 is back from conquering the Kokoda Track with family members – his wife, two daughters and son. He puts the experience into words: We had a great time; it was certainly very challenging, but at the same time, enjoyable and great to do it with the […]


The crew was very sweet, attentive and helped me so much whenever the terrain was difficult.  They worked so hard and it was so great to meet their families on our rest day in Naduri.
Michelle, Team 22