Trekking Tips for Beginners

Trekking provides you many things; gives you life time memories, makes you experience the beauty of nature and bonds you with nature. For that, you need to prepare properly for this activity. The following are a few tips which will make your trekking an excellent vacation.

1. Clothing – chose the best and light gear while selecting the trekking gears. I assure you that it is not mesmerizing experience to have loads on your back such as Yak. When packing your clothes, select a set of day hiking clothes and another set for clean and dry change for good sleep. If you are travelling in high attitude and mountainous regions, then get your windproof & packing down jacket as well as thermo-underwear and if you’re travelling in monsoon, rain gear is a perfect selection.Remember to carry a scarf, gloves and a hat. Finally, chose trekking socks and boots which are comfortable so that you are not left with blisters at the end of the day.

2. Avoid eating heavy foods – rely heavily on food stuffs that digest fast and easily. If you eat heavy foods, you can’t trek in a comfortable manner. Also,rely on liquid diet mostly. Have a proper attention on your water intake as you can be faced with dehydration while on high altitude.

3. You need also to carry a space blanket for a comfortable sleep, a compass to help in direction determination and other things.

4. Ensure that you start low. Begin with beginner grade trails and step towards more hard trails gradually. You may feel tired and exhausted or get leg pain if you begin with higher grade trails.

5. Fitness – it will be very easier for you to trek if you are fitter before you depart. Fitness refers to both mental and physical conditions. For physical fitness, prepare yourself by simply walking and keep your body fit by either with a sport you love, a short gym or hiking.

6. Medicine and Health – If you have a breathing issue, nausea or asthma, consult your health professional prior to deciding on going on a trekking trip.Carry with you the prescribed medicines as you will not find any drug store in the trekking trip.

7. Other accessories – so as to protect yourself from cold wind and harmful radiations, carry sunglasses with UV protection. Pack toiletries, sun cream,small quick drying towel, water bottle and a head lamp with extra batteries. Some chocolate and dry foods. Ensure you carry with you a camera to make the trek trip a perfect vacation.

Actually, trekking is always a life-changing experience. Don’t find reasons to travel, just travel and it will provide you with many reasons in return.


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