Giving back to Kokoda
Oagi, Niguli and Vovoli Clan Leaders. Left to right: Joel (Oagi Clan), Malah Batiia (Oagi Clan Leader), Maulu Anisi (Niguli Clan Leader), Vavela Siga (Vovou Clan Leader), Andy NDiki (Back Track Chief Guide)

There is a lot that can be done by us, in small ways, to assist the communities with lifestyle improvements. In consultation with the clan leaders of Naduri village, we have outlined below, a number of projects that we have completed to support the locals along the Kokoda Track. Your trek leaders will show you these projects during your stay in Naduri Village. Our current project is teaming up with the KTF (Kokoda Track Foundation) to support the Naduri Medical Centre.Here’s some of our projects to date.

COMPLETED: Light up Naduri

Back Track Adventures is proud to partner with the Kokoda Track Foundation to undertake a major project in Naduri Village

What’s going on?

  • In late October 2018, we placed four solar-powered lights , in all the 43 occupied houses in Naduri village;
  • The project cost is AUD$17,000;

It was a massive success – great to see kids being able to study with real light instead of by the fire, and not having to cook in the dark. Suffice to say, we really take light for granted!

COMPLETED: The purchase and install a solar power unit for the church in Naduri Village

Project Cost PGK8,000

The Church in Naduri is the single most important factor uniting all the clans and people of this community. The church building is the heart and soul and the social hub the brings all people together in a loving/caring  environment.

2014 marked the 100th anniversary of Christianity reaching Naduri Village.  December 2014 saw 100’s of Koiri people from villages all along the Kokoda Track,  congregating at nearby Efogi Village (45 minutes walk for local people, 2 hours, plus, for trekkers) to celebrate the event. This is a very important and enthusiastically anticipated celebration.

Through the generosity of the community, we were able to install solar power so the Naduri choir, men and women, including members of Back Track’s trekking crew, can rehearse their choir songs at night after work has been completed. For those of you who have trekked with us, you will be well aware of just how beautiful their singing can be.

Background information: formerly power was supplied by a generator which is expensive to operate in regard to fuel costs and transport of fuel to the village. The generator was donated by Back Track  2 years ago and is also used to power other needs in the village.

 Naduri Village. Resident population approx 250. Kagi Village on the opposite ridge.

Naduri Village. Resident population approx 250. Kagi Village on the opposite ridge.

COMPLETED: Weatherproof the Naduri Elementary School

Project Cost AUD$6,900

Giving back to Kokoda
Inside the school

The school is in active use, and we needed to complete the project by fully weatherproofing and enclosing the sides with louvres.

The interior could not be fully utilised until weatherproofing was completed.

A total of 28 children were catered for in the Elementary School. This project was supervised and managed by the Kokoda Track Foundation. Back Track, with the aid of our trekkers, raised the funds required.


Donations from past trekking seasons

Take a look at what small gifts and amounts of money donated achieved during past trekking seasons:

Giving back to Kokoda
Donating Bibles to Naduri, Kagi and Efogi communities on behalf go Back Track trekkers
  • Supply of 200 Bibles for the 7th day Adventist communities in Naduri, Kagi and Efogi. This donation caused great happiness in these communities. Thank you, Peter, from the USA and family.
  • Funds provided to complete the building of Naduri Elementary school. This project was managed and in the whole funded by the Kokoda Track Foundation. Our trekkers provided additional emergency funds necessary to complete the project when other urgent funding demands restricted KTF completion of the project within important time constraints.
  • Football jerseys and financial travel expense assistance for the Efogi Village Rugby league Nines team to compete in Port Moresby competition. Thank you, Brian.
  • Solar power supply, design and personal installation of a large unit for the Naduri Elementary School. Thank you Peter, from the USA and family.
  • Many Back Track trekking Teams throughout the season carried school supplies which were earmarked for schools in various Kokoda Track villages. Thank you all Back Track trekkers.
  • String led lights and rechargeable solar batteries for Naduri Village community. Thank you – Kurt
  • Purchase of widescreen colour TV, aerial and generator for use by the large school, common to Naduri and Kagi Villages. Donated by Back Track.
Giving back to Kokoda
7th Day Adventist Church situated above Naduri Village. Project ‘Solar Power’.

Small Achievable Assistance Program

Back Track is very heavily connected with the Naduri Village Community. Past trekkers will remember visiting Naduri Village and meeting the ‘old man’ as he was affectionately known – Ovoru Ndiki. Ovuro passed away in November 2013 and is buried in the village. He is missed by us all.


Above you will have read about small programs in which you can get involved. These projects enhance the lifestyle of our trek crews and their families in a practical manner.

During the trekking season, Back Track employs up to 200 young men, mainly from Naduri, but also from Kagi, Manari and Efogi villages. Occasionally we employ from other villages as well to ensure ongoing good relations with all the Track communities. Many people from Naduri Village are now living in Port Moresby and some maintain homes in both locations. In Port Moresby, we store and warehouse all our trekking gear with the Naduri community. As well as storage they are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the gear after each trek. This provides an additional business opportunity and additional employment throughout the season.

How you can get involved

By hiring a personal porter to carry your pack throughout your Kokoda trek, you not only increase your own enjoyment of the trek by eliminating the effort required to carry a heavy pack over very challenging terrain, but you are supplying additional work for a very thankful village member. The wages of our carriers have contributed so much to the ongoing prosperity and general happy enhancement to the village lifestyle.

Check out our current project and head over to our donations page to donate!