PNG at a glance

Full country name: The Independent State of Papua New Guinea Area: 462,840 sq km Population: 5.4 million (annual growth rate: 2.3%) Capital: Port Moresby (pop 259,000) People: Melanesian, Papuan, Negrito, Micronesian, Polynesian. Major languages: Melanesian Pidgin; English spoken by 1%–2%; 715 indigenous languages Religions: Roman Catholic (22%); Lutheran (16%); other […]

PNG People and Culture along the Kokoda Track

Trekkers are very well liked along the Track because we have always shown the local people respect and courtesy. Remember that we are their guests and we are walking on land that is privately owned.  Respect their homes and land as much as you would respect your own. Most of […]

Kokoda Track Climate

The climate of PNG is typically monsoonal so it is hot, humid and wet all year-round. However, there are defined wet (December to March) and dry (May to October) seasons. The period in which we have chosen to trek is historically the driest and coolest period of the year. This […]

Kokoda Track Geography

The Kokoda Track crosses the Owen Stanley Ranges between Kokoda, a large government station west of Popendetta in Oro Province and Ower’s Corner, 50km east of Port Moresby. The Track passes through 9 villages and crosses numerous creeks and rivers. The Track not only offers the locals a means to travel from one village to another, but allows trekkers […]

When is the best time to do the Kokoda Trek

If I had one dollar for everytime I have been asked this question, I would be a wealthy man. The best time is anytime during the Kokoda trekking season. The Kokoda trekking Season commences in April and is usually heralded with treks we have designed to be on the Track for  Anzac Day […]

Anzac Day on the Kokoda Track

With so much interest  in our war history and so many Australians wishing to visit the battle fields  where our soldiers fought and died, Back Track has a number of new trips that cater for this interest. Celebrating Anzac Day on the 25 April 2011 on the Kokoda Track is […]

Fuzzy Wuzzy Day Celebration

A new trend in tourism is to visit  historic battlesites that commemorate the valour of  the Anzacs. The story of the Kokoda Track is now well documented and etched in the minds of most Australians. Many Australians each year make the pilgrimage over the Kokoda Track. Little known by many Australians is […]

Fuzzy Wuzzy Day

Back Track Team 17 has just returned from completing the Kokoda Track.  This trek was specially  designed to finish in Kokoda on the eve of  the first ever Fuzzy Wuzzy  Day  celebration on November 3 2010. The inaugural Fuzzy Wuzzy Day was planned by the PNG Government in consultation with […]

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