Our Trek Leaders’ health tips

Below are some tips our Kokoda team wanted to share to help keep you healthy as you trek the Kokoda Track. They’ve done the trek numerous times, so always listen to your Trek Leader and follow their advice on safe water sources and water treatment. Check these out:

  • Bring antibacterial hand wash and use constantly, especially before eating;
  • Foot care/health is important
    • Wear in boots before arriving in PNG
    • Carry a small foot care kit for any blisters that may occur
    • Ensure boots are well laced and tight
    • If prone to tinea, carry a small tube of anti-fungal cream.
  • Walk with your eyes and mind on the Track at all times.  Listen to the advice given daily by your Trek Leader regarding Track conditions
  • Before starting your trek training program, visit your doctor and have a complete medical check over
  • After a thorough training session arrival, once you arrive in Port Moresby relax and you will enjoy your holiday. Our itinerary is arranged so you can meet each day’s objective in a leisurely fashion. You will be stopping frequently to enjoy the views and ensure you keep well hydrated
  • Walk each day with a relaxed, happy attitude. If you are anxious and worried about everything, you will increase your chances of an accident or experiencing ill health.
  • Follow the above advice and good health and well-being will come as a matter of course;
  • Report any health issues immediately to your Trek Leader. Do not hesitate to inform your leader if you feel unwell.

Creek crossing along the Kokoda Track

Slow down, it’s a  different pace

Travelling in a remote, under-developed country like Papua New Guinea requires patience, flexibility and a positive attitude. The local people have a more relaxed, easy-going attitude to life than most Westerners. You may have to wait longer for service in a shop, hotel or restaurant than you would expect to back home.

At Back Track, we don’t look upon these things as problems, merely facts of life in PNG. If you are open-minded, relaxed and strive to be happy, your travels will be rewarding and unforgettable.

Mental toughness

The Kokoda Track may push your mental toughness to the limit, so remaining focused on what you set out to accomplish is important.

Walking the Kokoda Track is a challenging but incredibly rewarding trek. The Track is walked by hundreds of trekkers every year – everyday people like you. The fitter and more prepared you are, the more you will enjoy your Kokoda Track holiday.

Health tips that only you can do

Back Track will take every precaution on your behalf to ensure a safe, fun and enjoyable experience but there are some things that only you can do. Once you are well prepared, you can relax and have a good time.

Take some time to ensure you have checked through the below for your upcoming trek:

  • Making an appointment immediately with your doctor for a health check.
  • Discuss the merits of a cardiovascular test
  • Getting fit by following our detailed Fitness & Endurance training guide
  • Check with a Travel doctor or your GP to ensure you have the correct immunisations
  • Malaria prevention
  • Personal medical supplies required

Many trekkers love the physical and mental challenges because they do remove us from our comfort zone; they make us stop and think about the environment we are in, the pace of our lives, and the sacrifice of those who went before us. Many find it to be a quite emotional and life-changing trek.