Kokoda Trek Route Map

The route

For most trekkers, the Kokoda Track is a serious challenge. Our campaign itinerary is a sensible balance between trekking and relaxation.

To the right is a map of the standard itinerary (north-south direction) route we follow when walking the Kokoda Track. Click the map for an enlarged view.

  • Total walking time Kokoda to Owers Corner=  52 hours 55 minutes
  • Total walking time Owers Corner to Kokoda = 47 hours 50 minutes
  • The Race: Kokoda to Owers Corner completed in the official time of 16 hrs, 34 minutes 05 seconds
  • Kokoda Challenge Race Recordcurrently held by Brendan Buka in 2008

Kokoda Track Profile Map

Below is a profile map showing altitudes of key points along the Track. The red lines indicate intended campsites.

Commemorative Kokoda Map

Back Track has produced a high-quality canvas art map of the Kokoda Track. It measures 170 x 40 x 4 (cm)

This high-quality detailed map is the perfect memento of your trek with Back Track and would look perfect on the wall in your home or office. It comes fitted and ready to mount.

Cost: AUD$217 plus shipping
Or pick up yourself from our Brisbane office.
Please ask for a shipping cost if you are unable to collect from our office.

To order, email clare@backtrack.com.au or call 07 3850 7600

The profit on each Commemorative Map (AUD$50)  is donated to Kokoda Track Community development programmes.