Choosing to trek the Kokoda Track with Back Track Adventures is your first step to a successful trek. Here’s why:

Historical briefings along the Kokoda Track

We have 36 years trekking experience: Back Track Adventures have been operating treks and expeditions in remote and exotic locations worldwide since 1984. You would be hard pressed to find any other Australian tour operator or travel agency that could match our experience or record. We’re 36 years young – and proud of it!

We have Australian Trek Guides & Local Trek Crew. Our Track Guides (male and female) are the equal, if not better, than the best guides in this field anywhere in the world today. They wear the badge ‘Kokoda Track Guide’ with pride and humility. They love their job, they do it well and are fun to trek with. They are just one of many mates you’ll have on your trek. Accompanied by a Professional Back Track Guide ensures the best trekking experience possible. You’re in good hands.

We know our history: Our Track Guide’s knowledge and understanding of the history of the Kokoda Track campaign is detailed and comprehensive. They will impart a lasting insight to our ‘ragged bloody heroes’ plight during the Campaign. You’ll leave the Track with an inspired and possibly emotional understanding of the Kokoda Campaign.

We’re committed to your health, safety and well-being: Our Track Guides are committed to maintaining your good health, safety and overall well-being, which includes your enjoyment of the trekking experience. If the going gets tough for you, for any reason, or there is an emergency, our Track Guides are invaluable.

Our Trek Crew are all friends from Naduri Village, located half way along the Kokoda Track. Their fathers/grandfathers were the original Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. You are providing a highly valued work opportunity for the people of Naduri Village and through trek permits, campsite fees and fresh food purchases, you also help support the entire Kokoda Track community.

We are giving back: Our Trek Crew love and value their job. They sincerely appreciate the opportunity for worthwhile employment – it shows in the dedication to complete their jobs to the highest standards expected. They will assist you every step of the way. We have recently travelled to PNG and installed lights in our home village of Naduri, bringing them smoke-free light for the first time ever. We work hard to reinvest our time and money back into the community that provides us and our trekkers so with so much.

Good local people, good hearts – Our Trek Crew members are exceptional people who provide high quality service to trekkers. Feedback from past trekkers tells us that interaction with our Trek Crew is a major highlight of their Kokoda experience.

We’re committed to helping the people who live along the Kokoda Track

Read more about how we work with the community – here.

We have a sensible itinerary: Our campaign itinerary – (9 days & 8 nights on the Track) is sensibly designed so we meet each days objective in a leisurely fashion. The itinerary is a professionally organised, well proven balance of  exertion and recuperation. Back Track is one of very few professional trekking companies that walk the Track in 9 days and 8 nights. Most trekking companies walk the Track in 8 days and 7 nights. While a shorter trek reduces the retail cost, our trekkers enjoy and appreciate the many added benefits of our 9 day itinerary.

We walk the exact war time Track: We visit all significant war time sites of interest. We miss out on nothing and most importantly experience the same demanding physical and mental challenges in a far more relaxed, healthier and safer trekking environment. We’ve done this before, a lot! We have been taking trekkers across the Kokoda Track for 18 years. We have a perfect record when it comes to taking trekkers across the Track safely, giving them an experience with memories that will last a lifetime. But don’t just take our word for it, read what past trekkers have said about their experience trekking the Kokoda Tack with Back Track.

You would be hard pressed to find many Adventure Tour operators in Australia who have anywhere near the experience in Adventure and expedition travel that we have, or anywhere near the success.

For our Kokoda operation, the professional handling of all flights, accommodation, road transportation, emergency back-up systems and documentation and food requirements are everyday office routines for our operation. We are fully licensed Travel Agents and Tour operators, members of all required professional associations and carry all necessary insurances.

We’d love to take you on this memorable journey. It will change you.