Thank you to the trekkers who have shared their testimonials with us. Here’s a collection from the past five years:

One of the best experiences of my life!

Dave, Team 20, 2019

Information was very detailed and informative. Good summary of everything  we needed to do – made the process easy.

Tylanda, Team 20, 2019

John {our Australian Trek Leader} is a legend, he is a book of knowledge about Kokoda. The food surpassed my expectations, Ben the chef works miracles.

Philip, Team 20, 2019

The Kokoda trek I did with you in October has been by far one of my greatest personal achievements and experiences and I couldn’t have done it without you and of course all the great staff. I still think about it every day.

Simon, Team 17, 2019

It was an experience I will never forget. Brodie {our Australian Trek Leader}, was great each step of the way.

Steven, Team 16, 2019

The other groups {on the track} looked not even on the same level. Loved the culture the porters & cooks bought.

Charles, Team 15, 2019

Every single second was bloody AMAZING! Even the pain. Nothing but brilliant 11 days. These two treks to Kokoda have changd my life. Nothing could put a monetary value on that. Back Track has been wonderful! There is no other company to recommend other than Back Track.

Victoria, Team 15, 2019

Satisfied at the conclusion of the trip and only have good memories and great vibes!

Miranda, Team 14A, 2019

Satisfied at the conclusion of the trip and only have good memories and great vibes!

Naomi, Team 14A, 2019

Great company, excellent guide, well organised fellow trekkers, great new mates, scenery, nature, just amazing thanks!

Alan, Team 14, 2019

Jason {our Australian Trek Leader}, was very passionate about Kokoda Story and a great leader. An asset to Back Track – very professional.

Warren, Team 13, 2019

The rest day in Naduri Village was excellent. It was great to experience their culture/village life for a day.

Greg, Team 13, 2019

Great trek leader. The cultural & spiritual part of the trek by Jason was excellently performed, as well as the support for trekkers physically.

Deidre, Team 13, 2019

Hard but enjoyable. Touching on all aspects – Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cultural and historical. Thank you.
Carla {our Australian Trek Leader} was efficient, resourceful, compassionate, organised and very personable.
The local crew were simply amazing. Nothing was too hard and they were extremely accommodating to all our needs. Great crew and well lead.
It was not just a trek, it was an opportunity to get to know myself and my fellow trekkers a lot better. I am wiser and appreciative of the opportunity and i feel I am a better version of myself because of the people i did the trek with and the experiences we shared.

Phil, Team 12, 2019

Oh my goodness! AMAZING! Michelle is an amazing person & trek leader. I’m sure we would have had a great time with another leader, however feel that our experience was greatly enriched because of Michelle.

Jenny, Team 11, 2019

Everything is taken care of , all you have to worry about is walking. This experience was above & beyond what I ever expected. Back Track, Michelle & the trekking team, well done, fantastic trek I will never forget.

Trish, Team 11, 2019

Having toured with most of the leading tour companies over many years, I can honestly say that Gareth stands alone as the most passionate, knowledgeable and friendliest guide I have had the pleasure of travelling with. Huge thanks to him, Andrea and the entire crew for making Kokoda an adventure of a lifetime.

ANZAC Team 2019

Don’t change a thing. Even a 3 ½ hour ride in a PMV on non-padded seats is all part of the Kokoda experience. The soldiers had it a lot tougher than we did! Kokoda is supposed to be tough and uncomfortable, with new challenges the entire way. Thanks to all involved from day 1 to day 9. Loved every minute of it!

ANZAC Team 2019

From start to finish, the complete process was professional and personal. Great friendships were made and I still can’t wipe the smile off my face. Without a doubt, Back Track is the company I will deal with when wanting to travel again.

ANZAC Team 2019

Outstanding. The porters and leadership were second to one.

ANZAC Team 2019

Will never forget it. I’d like to come back in the next 3-5 years and do it again with Back Track.

ANZAC Team 2019

Impressive even booking 9 months plus in advance. Back Track staff did a great job at keeping me updated before departure.

ANZAC Team 2019

Very knowledgeable about WWII history, local villages and in a team of 20, made sure everyone was okay throughout the track and beyond.

ANZAC Team 2019

Very switched on with the history of the trail which really made it.  Very well informed with great detail of the campaign.  Well worth the money.  Awesome!!

Len, Team 19, 2018

Could not speak more highly of Gareth {our Australian Trek leader}.  Super Leader, communicator, humorous and damn good man!  Exceeded my expectations in every way.

Brendan, Team 19, 2018

The booking process was very helpful and simple.  All the pre-tour documentation enabled me to prepare well for such a challenging and rewarding trek.

Marco, Team 19, 2018

Had a ball!  Ray & Kathy {our Australian Trek Leaders} were great.  Our group was awesome.

Nicole, Windermere, 2018

The porters are beyond amazing.  I loved the cultural experience with Back Track.

Rachel, Windermere, 2018

Really well organised and operated trip.  Ray’s history along with track was something I will remember forever.  Kathy’s smile and nature is perfect.

Brad, Windermere, 2018

Great trip trekking Kokoda.  Thanks Back Track!

Garry, Windermere, 2018

Ray {our Australian trek leader} was Absolutely Awesome!! Ray is a fantastic leader and his knowledge of the Kokoda campaign is incredible. I feel very lucky to have undertaken this life changing experience with Ray & Back Track. Absolutley amazing experience. I will be recommending this to my friends and family.

Chezza, Team 15A, 2018

From trepidation and excitement the 9day trek created a huge sense of achievement and ability to face the unknown.
The value of this trek is enormous to the rest of my life and interactions with others.
The local trekking crew were truly outstanding and a pleasure to spend the days with. Nothing too difficult for them.
Great group, excellent product Back Track.

Morgan, Team 15A, 2018

I loved that you could contact Back Track at any time to obtain information. The staff were very friendly.
Sarah {our Australian trek leader} was beyond amazing! Back Track should be proud to have such a wonderful, competent, super friendly team member.
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience on the Kokoda trek!

Emily, Team 15, 2018

Sarah {our Australian trek leader} did a wonderful job of balancing fun with the seriousness of the trek. Well done Sarah.

Peter, Team 15, 2018

Booking with Back Track was very easy and stress free. Their trek information guide was comprehensive and easy to follow.
We were exceptionally well looked after and having Ray as our guide was a bonus. His knowledge and passion for the history of the Track added so much to the experience.

Tammy, Team 14, 2018

A sense of achievement and opportunity to learn more about our history. A feeling that I have in some way paid homage to the people who have fought and died for us. Thank you Back Track!

Neville, Team 14, 2018

So much value in all areas. Informative, culturally immersive and a trial both mentally and physically with such great rewards.
Thank you so much Back Track. I’m not normally a camper but I enjoyed EVERY MOMENT!

Anon, Team 14, 2018

GREAT EXPERIENCE! As a company you should be proud of the great work you are doing for the community.

Leah, Team 14, 2018

The booking staff at Back Track keep everything simple enough that no issues would/could be encountered. Everything supplied by Back Track made preparation so easy to pack for and to be ready for what lay ahead. I compared Back Track’s value for money to other companies and no other came up close.
Gareth’s {our Australian Trek Leader} knowledge of all Kokoda related history was excellent and his ability to unify the group was second to none. The local crew were one of the friendliest and honest group of individuals I have ever met.
This is something that I have always wanted to do, something that I became very scared of just before it started. Something that will now remain with me for life.

Nik, Team 13, 2018

Thanks for a great experience. Gareth’s leadership was exceptional and made for an educational and fun trip. Thanks Back Track!

Nathan, Team 13, 2018

It was Kokoda – very hard – however Gareth {our Australian Trek leader} made the whole trek enjoyable and informative.

Jeff, Team 13, 2018

Matt {our Australian Trek Leader} was fantastic. Really organised and passionate about the trek. One of the best travel leaders I’ve ever had.

Kate, Team 11, 2018

Thank you for the greatest travel experience of my life.

Robert, Team 11, 2018

From the first information night, to the deposit, information and email responses, I felt fully informed and like a member of a team. No pressure applied at all. All questions answered. It was fantastic.
Kokoda has simply been the best experience of my life to date. It far exceeded any expectations. Our leader Matt was passionate, easy going and really brought the experience to life for us all. Our training ensured we could thoroughly enjoy the challenge, the stunning scenery, the warmest people and the whole trekking experience. Thank you Back Track – You’ve made a 9 day trek into a memory I will cherish forever and truly made me proud to be an Australian.

Cindy, Team 11, 2018

Thanks for the time of my life!!!
fantastic and life changing. What a fantastic adventure we had as a group and individually

Adrian, Team 11, 2018

Worth every dollar! Everyone should give it a crack …but training is essential!

Bruce, Team 11, 2018

The booking process was really easy and all staff were super friendly.
It was so much fun, well paced and both PNG & Aussie staff were amazing.
The Mt Cootha group training really prepared us and we had no fitness issues.

Alyce & Michael, Team 10 2018

John {our Australian Trek Leader} was a great trek leader, lots of knowledge along the Track, approachable and humorous.

Yasmin, Team 10, 2018

Very knowledgeable on the history and was a pleasure to be lead by John.
Food was great and thank you for organising such great weather!!

Roy, Team 10, 2018

Our whole family had an amazing trip on the Kokoda Track with the team. John was an outstanding team leader and was extremely enthusiastic the entire journey. We especially loved the Sabbath Day as it gave insight into the PNG Culture.

Meg, Team 10, 2018

The pre-tour documentation was clear and useful. I love the trek map and Itinerary and appreciated the helpful advice.
I have never felt so welcome in a foreign country. Your crew are so friendly and accommodating.
Food was great, tents sleeping arrangements and historic experiences were great. Packs and Tents supplied were great.
I will travel with Back Track again – I’m already working to play our next trip!

Joanne, Team 8, 2018

KOKODA TREK INFORMATION GUIDE. I read everything! The training program was very helpful.
Our trekking crew were just fantastic. Excellent meals – thank you Daffy!
All in all very professionally done. I like the Sabbath rest day for the crew and for the trekkers.

Siobham, Team 8, 2018

The pre-trek documentation was invaluable. Gareth {our Austalian Trek Leader} was simply brilliant.  The trek was everything I wanted and expected but even more it was worth every cent. Always love a Back Track Adventures trek and this one did not disappoint.

Steve team 22, 2017

Loved everything about the Track.  Awesome value for money.  Crew made the trip – fun to be around and great assistance.  Gareth {Australian Trek Leader} was the most professional, knowledgeable, fittest, amazing, approachable, funny, awesome leader who made the experience all that more enjoyable.

Brooke, Little Heroes

Amazing.  Words cannot express my gratitude to Back Track for the experience. The crew was sensational.  Quiet to begin with but really opened up and I learnt so much.  Memories, laughs and stories I’ll treasure forever with them. Just a massive thank you again.  Trip of a Lifetime!  I want to book another adventure with you!

Trudy, Little Heroes

Once in a lifetime opportunity.  Amazing Trek!

Christopher, Qinetiq team 2017

The crew was very sweet, attentive and helped me so much whenever the terrain was difficult.  They worked so hard and it was so great to meet their families on our rest day in Naduri.

Michelle, team 22, 2017

I could not write enough to express my thanks to Martin McIver {Australian Trek Leader} and the crew. Life changing. Thank you – I will be back.

Adam, Qinetiq team 2017

Loved every minute! The crew was fantastic, so very very helpful and caring. Gareth was super informative, loads of fun, so much ENERGY. I would absolutely travel with Back Track again.  Kilimanjaro here I come!

Kelley, team 22, 2017

Gareth (our Australian Trek leader) was Awesome.  Personable, Knowledgeable, very good with people – made our trek an experience of a lifetime!

Greg, Team 16, 2017

I felt really safe and well looked after.  Lots of laughs and positivity.  Loved it, can’t believe I got there!  Best experience of my life!  Thank you all so much.

Alexis, Team 16, 2017

Excellent Trek information guide.  I would not have thought of all things that were covered in the guide. Gareth’s enthusiasm was contagious and his knowledge of Kokoda History was wonderful – he put my mind back 75 years. I had the best holiday ever on this trip.  Loved IT!

Edward, Team 16, 2017

Thanks for a great experience.  It was awesome to do it with others who were just as enthusiastic made for great company and support.

Ellen, Team 12, 2017

Thank you for helping me achieve my goals and realise my potential.

Kirsty, Team 12, 2017

Our crew was unbelievable and the meals provided, considering everything we ate was carried by them, was first class.

Jock, Team 13

Thank you so much Ray (our Australian Trek Leader) for giving me a far better understanding of the events and hardships experienced by our diggers during this bloody conflict.  I learned so much and will encourage others to experience it.

Allan, Team 13

What an experience!  Spending time in Naduri was a wonderful experience.  Joel was very welcoming and sharing in the church service and food was priceless.

Kelly Team 14, 2017

LOVED IT!  Really enjoyed the experience, the physical challenge, the new culture and the adventure. Dan (our Australian Trek Leader) was fantastic – always calm and encouraging and so knowledgeable about Kokoda.  The crew was exceptional.  Great food and morale.  Total stars!  Thank you for one of the best few weeks I’ve had yet!

Jessica, Team MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) 2017

Jason (our Australian Trek Leader) clearly loves PNG and its people.  He is passionate about the history of Kokoda and the need to preserve it.  He really enhanced our experience.

Brett, Team 8, 2017

Thanks Back Track and Jason for a wonderful experience – truly rewarding.

Steven, Team 8, 2017

Kathy was, and is, a fantastic trek leader and a jewel in the Back Track’s crown.  A wonderful company providing once in a lifetime experiences!

Mark, Team 5, 2017

Had an incredible time and really enjoyed the experience.  Staying in the villages was a highlight!

Andrea, Team 5, 2017

Words can’t describe how great Dan (our Australian Trek leader) was he made my trek better than I could ever imagine.  Thanks Dan you’re a great bloke!

Andy, Team 5a, 2017

A trip like Kokoda must have a leader who knows the history very well.  Jim brings the campaign to life and will be hard to match.

Peter, Team 6, 2017

Beautiful scenery.  Excellent Australian Trek leader, Tony, and great company from my fellow trekkers.  Enjoyed it immensely.  I had my birthday on the trek and that’s the most memorable and special one I’ve ever had.

Julia, Team 4, 2017

A challenging trek but Matt our Australian Trek leader was excellent.  An encyclopaedia of knowledge, passionate about the history and fun!

Andrew, Team 3, 2017

Amazing, Awesome and something I will remember always. Thank you for an experience I will speak about forever.

Bronwyn, Cancer Council, Kokoda Track 2017

I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful experience BackTrack has given me over the last couple of weeks. Every single person from Back Track on the Kokoda trek went above and beyond expectations, everybody! I loved the experience so much, and PNG in general, and can’t wait to return. Thank you, and biggest thanks to our gorgeous Carla and my amazing porter, Danny – beautiful, wonderful people!

Danni, Team 1, 2017

Megan {our Australian Trek Leader} is an asset to your company!  The knowledge, passion and drive she brought to the trek was amazing.  I always felt safe with her and she encouranged and supported my father and I every step of the way.  I am already thinking about hiking with Megan again next year on Back Track’s High Road to Machu Picchu trek!
Laura, Team 12
Michelle, our Australian Trek Leader, was an amazing trek leader who made the trip absolutely incredible with her positive energy.  I had an amazing and challenging trek with an amazing leader and team.
Cara, Team 13B
An amazing trip.  No way to be 100% prepared for it but Back Track have done an amazing job at giving us as much information and preparing us. Dan was an amazing Trek Leader and was there to answer any questions or help us with any difficulties we may have had. Brilliant Trip, Amazing Company & Experience of a Lifetime! Highly Recommended!
Gaye, Kokoda TEAM
PERFECT – scenes and environment.  Hot & Challenging, both mentally and physically. Cannot speak highly enough of Dan our Australian Trek leader.  Went above and beyond to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the trekkers. I will be back.
Steven, Team 24
Everything was really enjoyable – it was a little painful but in a good way.  Good visuals, Good people but most of all Daniel, our Australian Trek Leader, just an amazing fella.  He made this a great, enjoyable, everything! Everything was completely worth it.  The trek was the embodiment of value.  Please don’t change – I’ll be back to do it again!
Jason,  Team 24
It was an excellent trek.  It was very challenging physically and often quite emotional at the key points along the trek where we paid homage to the Australians how fought in the 1942 campaign.  I struggled at times on the Track, however John (our Australian Trek Leader), made sure I was well looked after which was much appreciated.  John has a nice relaxed style, keeping a look out for all the trekkers and is very experienced with Track matters.  The focus on information provided regarding the military history of the Kokoda Campaign was excellent. All needs were catered for – the porters were fantastic, always there when you needed them, kind, well mannered, just got on well with each other and the trekkers. Very well organised trek – Thank you!
Liz, Team 23
The Back Track staff was very helpful with advice before the trip and explained the pre-trip process very simply. John, our Australian Trek leader, made this trip stress-free and made sure we all enjoyed the experience.  I would recommend him as a tour guide for anyone who wants to do Kokoda. Overall we had a fantastic Experience. Back Track made this trip easy and enjoyable.
Paul, Team 23
Very informative trek with WW2 details provided with sufficient detail and at appropriate times. Would recommend Back Track Adventures and thank Jason Elmer (Trek Guide) for this awesome experience.
Anthony, Team 11
Gareth, our Australian Trek Leader, displayed exceptional leadership, PR Skills, compassion, knowledge and kindness.  Gareth really made the Kokoda experience unique and memorable.  He was liked by all and he inspired everyone.
Jonno, Team 4
Sarah was a Trek Leader that brought support, fun and good background re the Kokoda Track. Back Track Adventures again is well organised, professional and answer all questions in the build up to the trip.  Overall Great trip …again, Great Team, Great Experience.
Geoff, Team 3
A team is not a team unless you have a leader.  Martin is The Man.
Ken, Team 2
Martin our Australian Trek Leader was exceptional.  His attention to detail and high regard for his trekkers made the experience.  His knowledge and passion for Kokoda and what it stands for in the Australian history shone through when he spoke and presented to us.  It was an experience I will never forget largely thanks to his enthusiasm and leadership.
Aaron, Team 2
Kathy is amazing. Our group was the best I could have hoped for. We really did become a tight crew. Will remember and treasure my adventure for the rest of my days. Couldn’t have done it without the boys, the Papuans and Kathy. History knowledge was great, food was good. Thanks for everything from the bottom of my heart.
Annie, Team 22
The trek exceeded all expectations. A lot of this is due to Jason and the PNG crew who were with us. I will most definitely be back and will request the trek that Jason is leading. His passion and enthusiasm for the history, culture and people along the track is exceptional. Thanks.
Brendan, Team 20
I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trek and couldn’t be more thankful to Jason and all of the team at Back Track
Simon, Team 20
Jason was superb. Exceptional knowledge and an ability to get along and engage with all. Great support from HQ, can’t have asked for more. Nice Work!
Damian, Team 20
As a leader Jason Banks did a fantastic job, always had our safety as number 1 priority. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the Kokoda Track was awesome. The PNG leaders and porters were great, they could not do enough.
Murray, Team 20
Loved the support given from Jason and crew. Loved the length of the trip and ceremonies along the way. Information and passion shown by trek leader Jason Banks was amazing. I was always at the back of the pack but never felt and pressure that I should go faster or not stop to take in the view. I felt very safe and enjoyed my experience.
Michelle, Team 20
Jason Banks and the PNG crew did an exceptional job catering for everyone’s needs. Personal porters were fantastic, provided a service above and beyond expectations. Jason and the crew enabled all involved to experience and live the true meaning of Kokoda and the PNG culture. GREAT!
Larissa, Team 20
Damian is an absolute credit to Back Track. He carries out his duties with knowledge and compassion that can not be improved on. Damo and the trek crew boys have combined to make this trek the most memorable trip that I have ever undertaken.
Gary, Team 12
An amazing experience! The team was fantastic, from Damo to the trek crew to the personal porters. No one could have done more for me. I’ll definitely be back for another trek with Back Track
Marina, Team 12
Damian was fantastic & instrumental in our team finishing the trek in tact. That was a great feeling for us. ‘Damo’ was caring, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, understanding and funny. You felt you could go to him with any questions or anxieties. Having said that, I found all the staff at Back track to be excellent, from Jim to the office staff and including al the porters. Without my personal porter I could not have completed the trek. I will be telling everyone to hire a personal porter – if they actually want to complete the trek. I will recommend Back Track to everyone and will travel with Back Track again.
Dawn, Team 12
Great trek, enjoyed it thoroughly. Damian was fantastic and very knowledgeable. The PNG porters were sensational, overall a memorable experience and I will trek with Back Track again
Glenn, Team 12
Damian is a very knowledgeable, patient, capable & personable tour leader – 10/10
Deb, Team 12
I was lucky enough to be in a good team, to have exposure to genuine trust worthy support for a challenge that was a little above my capacity. My father was here in ’42 so it was a little significant for me. Tom was exceptionally atuned to the moment and was totally respectful. In short it was perfect.
John, RUOK? private group
I liked the way that Tom personalised the trip and the emphasis on the soldiers story which is what Kokoda is all about. It was just awesome!
Don, RUOK? private group
Tom was awesome! What an amazing Aussie, he deserves a medal
Bernard, RUOK? private group
Thank you for such attention to detail. This experience has changed my life in ways that I could not have expected. I look forward to doing more adventures with Back Track. Our trek leader Tom made the journey so much more special, I would rate this hike highly to all my friends. Thank you
James, RUOK? private group
Tom, our trek leader was amazing! His enthusiasm towards the trek itself, the history surrounding the trek, and his attention and love he bestowed on us was incredible. The entire experience was an absolute joy. Thank you
Stuart, RUOK? private group
Thoroughly enjoyable trek thank you. Sharlene was a very considerate and caring guide always checking on our well being which was great. I would like to extend thanks also to my shadow Rex who was very attentive and considerate and extremely good at his job. He, with Sharlene ensured a safe and accident free trip and I’m very grateful.
Meg, Team 18
Thank you to Sharlene for being an inspirational leader for Team 18. Your love of Kokoda & PNG is clear and I now have a much deeper understanding of the history of Kokoda. You provided our group with support and encouragement and were always there if anyone needed anything. I was particularly thankful for your forward thinking and nurturing nature when I was unwell, and your strapping skills with my ITB was giving me grief. I really appreciated the time and effort that you put into keeping us historically informed along the track. Thank you so much for being such a huge part of one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and for passing on your passion of the Kokoda track. I have full intentions of doing it again. I had the best time!
Cat, Team 18
Sharlene was very very knowledgeable both about the track and also things that may occur along the track, eg. Health and fitness which was very helpful. She was very approachable and made the trip enjoyable.The Facilities eg. Huts, toilets, tents along the track were very good and better then expected. The porter crew were all very helpful and I enjoyed learning about them. I will most definitely recommend Back track to friends. Thank you for the amazing experience.
Emma, Team 18
Excellent service by Back Track especially Kelly in the office.  Considering the remoteness of the Track and that all food had to be carried by porter, the food provided was excellent. Tony Cleva provided a very supportive role and imparted a lot of wartime history making it very relevant to the current geographical location.  He also managed answers to many difficult questions, such as ‘is the next hill steep?’ with masterful obfuscation.
Tony, Team 15
Chris (our Australian Trek Leader) is a leader in the full sense of the word.  He rates among the best in my book.
James, Team 17
Organisation and communication from Back Track prior to departure was excellent. Value for money I feel was good. Chris (our Australian Trek Leader) was a very competent Trek Leader and couldn’t have been more supportive.
Edan, Team 17
A fantastic holiday; exceptionally well organised.  Michelle (our Australian Trek Leader) was exceptional.  Her understanding and capacity to read and understand individuals was fantastic.  I loved every minute – it was above and beyond my expectations.  The information from BackTrack was fantastic.  Great trip, Great Holiday, Great job done by all.
Shane, Team 14
Fantastic time; Amazing Experience.  To enjoy the time like we did is a dream experience.  Thank you to all the Back Track team for the celebration of my sons’ birthday.  It was a special time fro us and you have heled us achieve our personal goals, our family time and a special that we both acknowledge.  It was a pleasure to trek with you.  To Michelle – our Australian Trek Leader – Thank you.
Michael, Team 14
It was well paced.  Hard.  But the shorter days were a welcome relief – especially the creeks!!  I’ve not used poles before.  Bought them, hated them on Kilimanjaro but essential here.  I couldn’t have coped without them.  Nor could I have coped without crew member, Kinto.  I carried my own pack and it was a strain.  Kinto was with me every step of the way and saved my arse innumerable times.  I’m eternally grateful to him.  One of my fondest memories is seeing Kinto in my swapped trekking shirt when we parted.  It is an emotional journey – the gruelling trek and the war aspect – I teared up a number of times.  Michelle McFadyen (our Australian Trek Leader) is a great leader.  She had the energy and the wherewithal to do what I couldn’t do after a day on the Track.  Highly recommended to all and sundry.  Thanks to the Back Track Team.
Robert, Team 14
Matt Bragg made the trip. He managed expectations beautifully. His passion for the trail, the story and the PNG people shone through.
David, Team 11
This was a truly amazing experience which includes the assistance and professionalism provided by Back Track and Peregrine Travel Adelaide. our Trek Leader Jason was excellent, knowledgeable and understanding who had an excellent rapport with those in our trek which made the entire experience worthwhile.Thank you again for providing the opportunity to undertake such an important trek relevant to all Australians – truly awesome experience -both physically and mentally. Thank you.
Derek, Team 8
Well what can I say…yet another great trek along the Track. Just loved the crew, the leader and our group. Tough wqalking through the mud, but again, its Kokoda. Information was just at the right level – Awesome I guess sums it up. Thanks .
John, Team 10
For my first trek, I am glad I chose this one. I am already talking of more! I had such an incredible experience and i’ll definitely be telling everyone about Back track. Thank you Ray for this incredible opportunity. Let’s go, Rock and Roll.
Sam, Team 10
Ray was a fantastic leader. Porters and crew were great. I’ll be back.
Amanda, Team 10
Thank you for an amazing experience that exceeded every expectation I had. The physical and mental challenge can’t be described in words and to be able to say that I completed the Kokoda Track is something that I will never ever tire of. The crew and porters are some of the most beautiful people. Their kindness, care and support is second to none. A great holiday. Thank you a million.
Jess, Team 9
It was such a memorable trek. Very tough- but this is the way it should be. John Shea was articulate and very reverent to our fallen diggers and he and the crew did such a splendid job! Your porters were amazing and they sung like angels. Thank you so all  much
Phillip, Team 9
Hardest thing I have ever undertaken. My porter Leroy was fantastic – could not have got anybody better !  being the eldest on the tour they all did a step above and beyond to help me finish the trek. I would recommend Back Track to anyone who thinks of doing it. John ( our trek leader)  was forst class and full of information and made sure that we all got as much as possible to get.
Hans, Team 9
 I cannot believe that we did the Kokoda Track! We had an amazing time! It was the hardest thing I have ever done but one that was very humbling!!! My fear of heights was put to the test but oh my word was it worth it! I am pretty sure I spent most of the time looking at the back of my porters feet, and if I wasn’t holding his hand I was holding on to the back of his pack (like a baby elephant as Dan described it :)). Dan was fantastic as were the other trekkers – a great bunch of people! There are no words that come close to describing how amazing the porters and there rest of the crew are. Best experience ever!  Special thanks to Kelly for all the help in planning this amazing trip. I plan on doing it again!
Maria, Team 5
Local Back Track guides and crew were absolutely fantastic. Dan was also a pleasure to have as Team Leader and treated everyone of us as important and made sure our experience was a good one. He was approachable, supportive, knowledgeable and caring. Your office staff was also great to deal with and very patient and helpful.
Janice, Team 5
Basically throughout the entire trek, from when I booked til now, there has been no dramas. No point could things have been done better. Kelly was extremely helpful. Dan our tour guide was awesome, answering every question, helping no matter what was needed. Our porters and guides were amazing. They go above and beyond what you would expect, seem to pick up on the soa of person you are and cater for what you need. Could not have made my holiday any better I want to do it again.
E.T, Team 5

Everything was perfect. Gareth was the perfect leader. My personal porter was awesome, he knew a lot about the Track and the culture.

P.D, Team 3
The effort and enthusiasm put in by Martin was excellent. He single handedly made the history come more alive and enhanced the experience. The general team was awesome and porters were great.
O.M, Team 2

Ian was an excellent Leader and fitted in perfectly with our Team. We have talked with him about being our future leader for more treks. Great team with many wonderful memories.

Cath, Emergency Services Grp
I had a fantastic time on the trek. The porters were very helpful. Robbie did a great job guiding his first trek. Ian, our trek leader, did a really good job and has a solid knowledge of trekking. All in all, a good job Back Track
Lachlan, Emergency Services Grp.
Our trek leader, Jo was very informative and bright. She was excellent, as were our porters who almost carried us over some sections of the Track. Meals were excellent considering the conditions.
Barb & Peter, Team 12
I would like to thank Back Track for arranging what I believe were the best porters. My porter Tom, was amazing and helped me through areas that were quite stressful for me. He knew every step where I needed him and then knew exactly when I didn’t.  They were all polite and friendly and made this experience even more unforgettable. Thank you Jo and Damian, their personalities and passion for PNG and their job is to be commended.
Rita, Team 12