The Kokoda Track crosses the Owen Stanley Ranges between Kokoda, a large government station west of Popendetta in Oro Province and Ower’s Corner, 50km east of Port Moresby. The Track passes through nine villages and crosses numerous creeks and rivers.

The Track not only offers the locals a means to travel from one village to another, but allows trekkers access to traverse the spectacular scenery of the Owen Stanley ranges. Sharp, timbered ridges, steep-sided valleys and fast flowing rivers all provide the walker with an unequalled opportunity to discover PNG’s unique wilderness. The Kokoda Track covers a distance of approximately 96km.

As a Back Track trekker you could walk a distance of 110 – 120km, taking into consideration the exploration of war time sites of interest located near villages and our interesting  ‘off  Track’ adventures.

Kokoda Track Climate

The climate of PNG is typically monsoonal so it is hot, humid and wet all year-round. However, there are defined wet (December to March) and dry (May to October) seasons. The period in which we have chosen to trek is historically the driest and coolest period of the year. This is the main reason why we have chosen to trek in these months. On the Track it can be very chilly in the highland area, particularly at night. Day time temperatures may rise to the high twenties with very high humidity. Night time temperatures can drop between 5°C and 10°C on occassions in some camp areas. Rain can occur at any time, even in the “dry” season and may last for a brief shower or several days.

Owen Stanley Range Kokoda Track Profile Map

Below is a profile map showing altitudes of key points along the Track. The red lines indicate intended campsites.
Click here to view Back Track’s Kokoda trekking route map.

Kokoda Trail Track trekking map - campsites