Discovery Of The Lost Battlefield On The Kokoda Track?

It was great to see the Channel 7  presentation and the subsequent news paper stories referring to the latest  ‘discovery” along the Kokoda Track. The story was a welcome change to the recent  negative articles  regarding trekker’s health and safety issues. Hopefully exciting and interesting stories such as this will only […]

Sequence of Events

3 January 1942 Port Moresby is garrisoned by raw Militia troops of the 30th Infantry Brigade. Troops from Major General Tomitaro Horii’s Nankai Shitai (South Seas Detached Force) embarked on Operation North Australia and landed on Rabaul on 23 January 1942. 8 March 1942 The Nankai Shitai landed at Lae and […]

Kokoda Track History

Courage Endurance Sacrifice Mateship Officers of the 2/14th Battalion on the Kokoda Track (image When Japan entered the war after the bombing of Pearl Harbour on December 7 1941, John Curtin, the Australian Prime Minister, urgently recalled the 6th and 7th Divisions of the AIF from the Middle East. […]

The Lost Battlefield at Eora Creek along the Kokoda Track

For many years now, our  trekking Teams have visited the Japanese defensive positions  at Eora Creek, including a  Japanese mountain gun position. This area is often referred to as the Japanese Forest Fort. Recently, the local landowners announced the existance of more defensive positions a very short distance further up […]