“We strongly believe that our trek over the Track should be an adventure holiday, a cultural and historical insight, as well as a physical and mental challenge.”

Our sensible approach to trekking allows for time to stop and enjoy the villages and the culture as well as gain a good understanding of the war campaign.

We acknowledge that for most trekkers, completing the Kokoda Track will be a tough physical and mental challenge. However, it should be a fun and rewarding experience as well. Our sensible itinerary provides enough time to explore all the major battle sites and many lesser significant historical war locations. Very importantly, we also respect the Kori people’s Seventh Day Adventist Faith, by honouring their Sabbath in Naduri Village, in accordance with their specific wishes and request. This has resulted in ensuring a proper mix of effort and recovery. This recovery, or relaxation time, allows for an opportunity to meet and mix with the people of the Kokoda Track.

Our Trek Leaders love their job. They love sharing their passion with you for trekking the Track, while explaining the war history, providing an understanding of the culture and sharing the beauty of the jungle environment and the trekking challenge.

Most importantly, they will ensure that you finish the Track safely and with a lasting understanding of what the Kokoda Campaign was all about. The fascinating war stories, relived as you trek, of the soldiers who fought and died along every foot of the Track will never be forgotten.

Our ultimate aim for all our Kokoda trekkers is that we all, in some small way, gain an understanding of the challenges our soldiers faced and overcame, their courage, mateship, endurance and sacrifices.

Your trek over the Kokoda wartime Track with Back Track Adventures will be a safe, fun and personally rewarding experience.

We would love to trek with you.

The Future of Kokoda Track Tourism and our part in the future

Papua New Guinea is an emerging nation both in the Pacific family of nations and also on the world stage. They are our nearest neighbour and a close friend and ally of Australia. Via our shared history, strengthened during the military campaigns fought on PNG soil, at sea and in the air by Australian and PNG forces during WW2, we are forever brothers and sisters.  The Kokoda Campaign of 1942 has evolved into an iconic symbol and link for this friendship.  This genuine friendship between Australia and PNG, forged and shared in those bad times of WW2, is now a blossoming friendship shared in the good times of 2019, and with the prospect of an even better future to aim for.

Back Track is committed to a long term view and policy in regard to how we operate and conduct our business in PNG.  We are aware of our obligations, moral, social and in business, which we strive to uphold in all our policy decisions. As part of our policy,  we are committed to working with all the stakeholders along the Kokoda Track with the collective main aim – to provide a better future for all concerned.

Our policy is always flexible and open to change as progress continues. Back Track works with and listens closely to the views of :- Our Kokoda Operations Management Team, including trek guides and appointed management team members, The Kokoda Track Authority, The Kokoda Track Foundation, The Clan Chiefs of Naduri Village, Chairman of the Naduri and Kagi Wards, the Australian Government Department of Environment and Conservation as well as the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and their PNG Government partners including the Governors and Local-level Governments in PNG, involved with implementing the Kokoda Initiative.