Hiking Preparation

Kokoda trail is known to be a very difficult trail because of its elevated terrain that it can sometimes lead to long stretch of steep ascents and steep descents. The trail may be filled with sharp ridges and cliffy sided valleys but it also shows breathtaking mountain views just like a quilted patchwork of different shades of green.  It has a narrow jungle trail that are sometimes straight up and down which make the trek more difficult.  Hiking involves 96 kilometers that may take an average of 50 hours or more  likely depends on how one is prepared and equipped on the expedition.

The Kokoda journey is famous as “the great pilgrimage” as this will somehow transport or relive one of the greatest history on World War II battle sites between Australian soldiers and Japanese Imperial Army.  Necessary provisions and all the essential hiking preparation is therefore essential.  Aside from the difficult terrain and narrow jungle trail, one should also consider necessary protection from the unconditional weather of sudden torrential rains, hot humid air on daytime and an extremely cold nights to endure.

To start with the expedition, a trail map is the first necessity to have since it will tell how easy or difficult the journey will be.  There are Kokoda Trekking Operators who will be able to assist and answer all the questions and information needed for the intended journey.  Invite a friend to join the journey.  A friend is a good company and a booster in times of tiredness and boredom.

Enlist and join the training for the Kokoda trail expedition to make yourself fit and healthy.  The training will help in strengthening the body system on extreme measures to the intended expedition.  While undergoing the training, wear clothes and shoes that are fit to be used for the actual journey. A very comfortable footwear and socks are extremely important to help one on hiking a considerable distance.  Bring extra pair of socks in case the one used is soaked.  Remember, raging rivers and slippery ridges are part of the trail to cover.  Think of the training as a dress rehearsal on a threater play.  This will help the hiking preparation more easy.

The other option to consider is to make arrangements with local Trek Operators.  There are tents and huts along the trail of the expedition.  This will minimize the hiking load since the local villagers like the Koiari and Orokaiva are graceful and helpful enough to cook for the hikers and willing to provide shelter and resting place in between hikes.  A standard hotel on the jump off site of Port Moresby will accomodate those who will enlist to join the journey.

Once decided to join the expedition, the first thing to do is to have a medical check-up for evaluation on physical and mental fitness .  Passing the medical test, one should not forget to carry valuable and safety items such as flashlight, matches and whistle.  As a trekker, always remember the famous golden rule of hikers, “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”.


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