The Koiaria People

The Koiari people inhabit the area between the foothills of the Owen Stanley Ranges east of Port Moresby, and Kokoda on the northern side of the range. To the west, their territory extends into the valleys of the Agura and Dala rivers, both tributaries of the upper Canapé. To the east, their territorial border […]

The Orokaiva People

As it is our policy to hire crew equally from villages located all along the Track, it is possible that some of your trekking crew may be Orokaiva people.  They mainly live in areas between Kokoda and the beach heads at Buna and Gona where the Japanese forces landed and from where they launched […]

PNG at a glance

Full country name: The Independent State of Papua New Guinea Area: 462,840 sq km Population: 5.4 million (annual growth rate: 2.3%) Capital: Port Moresby (pop 259,000) People: Melanesian, Papuan, Negrito, Micronesian, Polynesian. Major languages: Melanesian Pidgin; English spoken by 1%–2%; 715 indigenous languages Religions: Roman Catholic (22%); Lutheran (16%); other […]

PNG People and Culture along the Kokoda Track

Trekkers are very well liked along the Track because we have always shown the local people respect and courtesy. Remember that we are their guests and we are walking on land that is privately owned.  Respect their homes and land as much as you would respect your own. Most of […]