Health and Fitness on the Kokoda Track

To assist your holiday budgeting, below is a list of additional expenses you may need to cover in addition to Trek Packages. Once you have booked your Kokoda trek, you will be sent a Confirmation Pack. This pack includes a comprehensive Information Guide with a detailed breakdown of how to organise your money and resources for the Trek.  It is detailed and easy to follow.

Summary of all Personal Spending Money that might be required at PGK2 = AUD1

1. Budget AUD50 = PGK100  – for additional expenses on the Track

2. Budget AUD40 = PGK80 – on the Track for crew tip

3. Budget AUD50 = PGK100 – on the Track for personal porter tip (if personal porter has been requested)

4. Budget AUD60 = PGK120 – on the Track for a Billum purchase in Naduri Village if a souvenir is required.

5. Budget AUD150 = PGK300 – at the Holiday Inn Express Port Moresby – for extra meals, drinks, laundry and phone calls. (Cash or credit cards can be used)

Note: Some trekkers spend much less and some much more, then what has been provided above as a guide only.

PNG Currency – Kina

The Papua New Guinean Kina is the currency of Papua New Guinea.

Notes are called Kina, pronounced as (keen a), symbol is (PGK)
Coins are called Toea, pronounced as (toy a), symbol is (t)

The PNG exchange rate against the Australian dollar fluctuates constantly.
Currently, the exchange rate is approximately:
AUD 1 = PGK 2

PNG Visa

Australian Passport holders trekking the Kokoda Track will require a Tourist Visa to visit Papua New Guinea. Recent changes to policy mean that visas to PNG are currently not available on arrival, so you must apply for an eVisa prior to travel. eVisas are available through the PNG eVisa portal.

Contact your nearest embassy or consulate of Papua New Guinea to confirm the latest visa and entry requirements.


Personal Travel Insurance (up to $300)

Adequate personal travel insurance is compulsory. It must cover Emergency Evacuation Costs. You can arrange adequate insurance, direct from our website. If you prefer, Insurance Policies for your consideration are included in your Confirmation Pack and can be completed and returned for us to issue your insurance policy manually.

You can obtain Personal Travel Insurance for your Kokoda Track trek here.

If you issue your own policy via our website, please send us a copy of the policy number for our emergency records.

Spending Money in PNG

Additional expenses in Port Moresby

Allow AUD200, (PGK400) for any personal expenses including hotel meals, telephone calls and drinks. Time for laundry services is limited. Laundry can always be placed in a sealable plastic bag and brought home.  International phone calls are expensive and charged at a rate per minute.

Please note: all hotel expenses can be paid on credit card.

Additional expenses on the Track

As an overall guide, past trekkers have managed comfortably on AUD100, converted to PGK, for the purchase of drinks and some small food items while trekking. In addition, for tipping, budget PGK80 (approx AUD40) for a trekking crew tip and PGK100 (approx AUD50) for an additional tip if you hire a personal porter.


There is very little to buy in the way of souvenirs while on the Track. Bilums (local carry bags) range in price from PGK60 to PGK180. Back Track trekkers are encouraged to budget to buy a handmade Billum from the ladies in Naduri Village. Billums are very handy, especially if you are grocery shopping back in Australia for up to 2 bag loads of groceries. No need for plastic disposable shopping bags anymore. The money made by billum sales goes directly to assist women’s education and self-development projects in Naduri Village. Naduri Village is located halfway along the Track and is the home of our support crew.

Local landowners site fees

Included in the tour cost are entrance fees to a number of important battle sites and historic locations. These include the Kokoda Museum, Isurava battle site, Con’s  Rock, the Japanese Forest Fort, Templeton’s mortar and grenade dump, and Brigade Hill. There are additional sites where local landowners might request a small fee (PGK5-10) if trekkers wish to view these. These sites may include plane crash sites, ammunition dumps and village war museums. If time allows and you choose to view these sites, budget AUD20 (PGK40), in total.

Personal clothing & equipment requirements are detailed in the Confirmation Pack

Many items you may already have. Do not purchase clothing or equipment until you receive your Confirmation Pack. Back Track has arranged discounts from professional Outdoor Shops in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Launceston for any necessary purchases. Most trekkers will need to purchase suitable walking boots and a 2-3 litre water bladder.