Our Kokoda Track Trekking Philosophy

We have long held the belief that trekking the Kokoda  Track should be an adventure holiday, a cultural and historical insight, as well as a physical and mental challenge.

We believe that a sensible approach to trekking allows for time to stop and enjoy the villages and the culture as well as gain a good understanding of the war campaign – and that is what we have created with our Back Track Kokoda Trail Tours.

We acknowledge that for most trekkers, completing the KokodaTrack will be a tough physical and mental challenge. However, we also note that it should be a fun and rewarding holiday experience as well. We have created a sensible itinerary that provides enough time to explore the overwhelming majority of battle sites and lesser significant historical war locations. There are half days as well ensuring a proper mix of effort and recovery and this recovery, or relaxation time, allows for an opportunity to meet and mix with the local people.

Our Kokoda Trek Leaders love their job. They love sharing their passion with you for trekking the Track, while explaining the war history, providing an understanding of the culture and sharing the beauty of the jungle environment and the trekking challenge.

Most importantly, they will ensure that you finish the Track safely and with a lasting understanding of what the Kokoda Campaign was all about. The fascinating war stories, relived as you trek, of the soldiers who fought and died along every foot of the Track will never be forgotten.

Our ultimate aim for all our Kokoda trekkers is that we all, in some small way, gain an understanding of the challenges our soldiers faced and overcame, their courage, mateship, endurance and sacrifices.

Your trek over the wartime Kokoda Track with Back Track Adventures will be a safe, fun and a personally rewarding experience.