PNG People and Culture along the Kokoda Track

Trekkers are very well liked along the Track because we have always shown the local people respect and courtesy. Remember that we are their guests and we are walking on land that is privately owned.  Respect their homes and land as much as you would respect your own.

Most of the people who live in the villages along the Track are Seventh Day Adventists. Their Sabbath commences at 5PM on Friday night and continues till 6pm on Saturday night.  During this time of prayer and devotion, we try and make as little demand on their services as possible. You are always welcome to attend their church services.

At some villages, if you wash or swim in  a nearby creek, please observe the directions of your Trek Leader.. There may be separate areas for men and women.  Obviously bathing costumes should always be worn. No ‘skinny dipping’ is tolerated by local people.  (Never introduce soap or cleaning products into any water course).

Modest clothing is the right way to go.  Wearing abbreviated shorts  is not acceptable for both men and women.  Men should never walk around a village even on a hot day without a singlet .

Always ask permission before taking photographs of local people.

Please step off the Track if you encounter women and children coming from the opposite direction. They always have ‘right of way”.  Wait till they pass before continuing your journey.

Carry small  denomination $ kina notes for purchases in villages. Presenting people with large denomination notes sometimes causes embarrasment.

Always leave communial clothes washing areas clean and always allow local people  the best access to the area. Do not ‘take over’ these areas. Clothes washing is a good time to chat with the women.

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