The Best Footwear For Trekking

Looking to go on an adventure through the woods? Trekking is an exciting reality for many individuals, but this can only be memorable when done with preparation. The last thing one wants is to get hurt on the trails and not being able to come back safely. This is why […]

Trekking Tips for Beginners

Trekking provides you many things; gives you life time memories, makes you experience the beauty of nature and bonds you with nature. For that, you need to prepare properly for this activity. The following are a few tips which will make your trekking an excellent vacation. 1. Clothing – chose […]

Hiking Preparation

Kokoda trail is known to be a very difficult trail because of its elevated terrain that it can sometimes lead to long stretch of steep ascents and steep descents. The trail may be filled with sharp ridges and cliffy sided valleys but it also shows breathtaking mountain views just like […]

Choosing The Right Trek Leaders For Kokoda

One has to know and learn why Kokoda trail is widely popular for trekking enthusiasts.  Trekking the terrain is short of following the footsteps of the brave Australian soldiers defending the terrain against the advancing troops of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.  The Australian troops primarily defending […]

When is the best time to do the Kokoda Trek

If I had one dollar for everytime I have been asked this question, I would be a wealthy man. The best time is anytime during the Kokoda trekking season. The Kokoda trekking Season commences in April and is usually heralded with treks we have designed to be on the Track for  Anzac Day […]

Fuzzy Wuzzy Day Celebration

A new trend in tourism is to visit  historic battlesites that commemorate the valour of  the Anzacs. The story of the Kokoda Track is now well documented and etched in the minds of most Australians. Many Australians each year make the pilgrimage over the Kokoda Track. Little known by many Australians is […]

Fuzzy Wuzzy Day

Back Track Team 17 has just returned from completing the Kokoda Track.  This trek was specially  designed to finish in Kokoda on the eve of  the first ever Fuzzy Wuzzy  Day  celebration on November 3 2010. The inaugural Fuzzy Wuzzy Day was planned by the PNG Government in consultation with […]


New Safety and Health programmes are well underway with many finished in preparation for the start of the 2011 Kokoda Trekking Season. The season will officially commence with the Anzac Day treks due to depart Australia on the 19th April 2011. Under a programme set up by the Australian and […]

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