Protect The Kokoda Track

All Kokoda trekkers should take note

During July, Kokoda Track RangerJoe Duhube observed a porter carrying the remains of an Australian 303 rifle with a group of trekkers. The porter claimed  he had been carrying the rifle for 3 days and was taking it to his private museum beyond the Track. The ranger confiscated the rifle and the porter was advised that taking of any historical artefacts from the Track is illegal both through PNG legislation and customary law and by removing these artefacts contributes to the general decline of  the Kokoda Track experience. Artefacts like these are protected under a range of legislation administered under the National Museum and Art Gallery act 1992 and heavy penalties apply for taking or remoaval of artefacts.

All trekkers whether trekking with us or not must be aware that the removal of any artefact is illegal and will not be tolerated. Please trekkers -Protect the Track .