Anthony, April 2018

Well organised and a caring team made this ‘a trip of a lifetime’.  Thank you.  I cannot praise Dan {our Australian Trek Leader} and the local crew enough.  My porter was amazing.

Theo, April 2018

The community were very genuine.  So nice to meet such wonderful people – ‘Priceless’. Fantastic trip.  Thank you to Dan {our Australian Trek Leader} and all the Team at Back Track.  Well done!

Jon, April 2018

The crew were awesome – Guide, protector, cook, porter and friend all in one. Sharlene {our Australian Trek Leader} was fantastic.  Great people person and well organised.  She helped make the trek a very memorable experience.

Jenny, April 2018

Having everything included in the package made it more enjoyable and so much less to organise. Joining in on the Saturday walk with Ray from Back Track was great training and preparation leading up to the trek. Sharlene {our Australian Trek leader} was a fantastic leader and looked after every one […]

Teresa, April 2018

The Trek Information Guide was very useful.  The Fitness Guide was excellent. The singing of the crew was beautiful and inspirational.  Their constant support and hard work was superb. Gareth {our Australian Trek Leader} knowledge of the history of the Kokoda campaign, the Track and the PNG people/culture was second to […]

Kirk. April 2018

Trip of a Lifetime.  Gareth {our Australian Trek Leader} made our trek memorable.  His professionalism and knowledge of the Track is second to none.

Jeff, April 2018

It seemed very expensive at first but after having completed the trek, I see where the money goes. The local trekking crew was fantastic, wonderful. Gareth {our Australian Trek Leader} was magnificent – That man needs an award!

Michael, April 2018

The team in the office and on the phone (Kylie & Clare in particular) was very helpful and willing to answer any questions.  The food on the Track was very good and always heaps of it. Carla {our Australian Trek Leader} was a fantastic guide – very friendly, encouraging, supportive […]

Chelsea, Little Heroes team

Amazing.  Words cannot express my gratitude to Back Track for the experience. The crew were sensational.  Quiet to begin with but really opened up and I learnt so much.  Memories, laughs and stories, I’ll treasure forever with them. Just a massive thank you again.  Trip of a Lifetime!  I want to book […]

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