• The Kokoda Track, or, Trail is the 96 kilometre (60 mile) single file track that traverses the beautiful and rugged Owen Stanley Mountain Range in Papua New Guinea.
  • It has important significance for all Australians in the history of WWII.
  • The Track provides many challenges to even the most experienced adventurer, thanks to the humid days, cool nights and LOTS of rain!
  • Its breathtaking beauty, rich cultural interaction and sense of accomplishment is what keeps people coming back!


  • There is no beating around the bush – trekking the Kokoda Track is tough.
  • In order to enjoy the Kokoda trekking experience, you need ENDURANCE.
  • For many trekkers, completing the Track is a significant personal achievement.
  • Occasionally, trekkers finish the trek and state that it was easier than they were lead to believe. This means that they were adequately prepared and had a solid level of endurance.



Why Trek With Back Track?

We give back to local communities on the Kokoda Track

Our Aussie Trek Leaders are here to support you

Our itinerary is designed to maximise enjoyment and follows the EXACT Wartime path

We are one of the few companies that stops for the religious Sabbath at the request of locals



If Kokoda is on your agenda for 2019 or 2020, get in touch to book your spot!

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