Back Track Adventures is committed to Responsible Travel

No matter what you do or where you go, your mere presence will make some impact on any given environment. Our responsibility is to keep that impact short term and minimal – be it on the Kokoda Track or any far flung corner of the world.

Responsible travel is about minimising your impact and maximising your connection with people and the environment in which you travel. It’s about making a positive contribution while having the most rewarding and inspiring travel experiences of your life.

Responsible Travel aims to: minimise negative environmental impacts, make positive contributions to the conservation of the wilderness and human heritage; respect culture and tradition, fostering authentic interaction and understanding between travellers and local communities; and finanically benefit the local communities and operators of the area working to the principles of fair and ethical trade.

On Location

Whether it be on Kokoda Track or an African Safari, we employ the services of local guides for all Back Track Adventures Holidays. These local guides work with the Back Track Kokoda trek leaders to share the history and culture of the Kokoda Track, their country and community.

We work with locally owned business partners at each of our destinations, and we include ourselves in local community programs where possible.

Back Track is a keen and proud supporter of the Kokoda Track Health Campaign, working with Hope4Health and the Kokoda Track Foundation to improve the long-term health of people living along the Kokoda Track.

Some Responsible Travel Tips

Before you leave home:

  • read and research the area you are travelling to – the more you know, the better you understand about the cultural and environmental aspects of your destination.
  • learn the language and local etiquette – even just a few words and understanding dress codes, eating habits and greetings will go a long way to respecting the people and environment at your destination.
  • pack carefully and thoughtfully – don’t overpack, and consider any packaging that travels with you. Many remote communities do not have the waste disposal services we enjoy, so leave excess packaging at home, and/or make sure you can carry everything you take with you.

While you’re away:

  • respect your destination – take behavioural cues from the locals and, if in doubt, try to see things from the locals’ point of view. This includes how you dress and interact with locals.
  • go with the flow – other cultures have different concepts of time, space and socially acceptable behaviour. Try to relax, observe and accept the change of pace.
  • buy local – when buying crafts, curios and souvenirs, check that they have been made locally and ethically. Your guide should be able to answer any questions you have. Doing this will ensure your money goes directly into the community you are visiting.
  • respect resources – water, food and energy may not be in as abundant a supply as you enjoy at home. Use these resources in a conservative manner so as to not deprive local communities of these resources.