You asked us for a harder challenge, and we have delivered! For those who are after a fitness challenge to enter the new decade, we have the perfect trek for you – our brand new 7-day trekking, 9-day itinerary from Australia.Kokoda Track Authority Licensed Operator Back Track Adventures Follow the exact war-time track at super speed as you shave two days off our standard trek and challenge yourself, both physically and mentally. This trek is not for the faint of heart – avid trekkers or those returning to Kokoda for a new challenge are recommended for this trek. These treks come with the same safety, staff and crew as our standard 9-day trekking, 11-day itinerary treks, including our professional Australian Guides with our experienced PNG support crew. Join us in 2020 for a brand new challenge on the Kokoda Track!

Please note: this trek is more physically and mentally exhausting than our standard 9-day trekking, 11-day itinerary, and is strongly recommended for experienced Kokoda trekkers or those who are extremely fit. 


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Kokoda Track Trekking Dates for 2020


IMPORTANT: Notes about Costs and Budgeting

  • HOTEL SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: Hotel costs are per person, twin share, for 2 nights accommodation in Port Moresby at the Holiday Inn Express. If you are travelling on your own you might be required to pay the single occupancy rate for the hotel. If requested, we will endeavour to find another single traveller of the same sex to share. Additional cost for 2 nights is $300. On the trek, each trekker has a twin person tent for their solo use. You do not share a tent on the trek unless you request same.
  • PERSONAL GUIDE: Would you like the assistance of a Personal Guide on the Track? For $590 you can hire the services of a Personal Guide who will carry all your gear in a backpack provided by us free of charge.
  • TREK & AIRFARE PACKAGES: Join us from Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart or Darwin. There are no direct flights to Port Moresby from these cities. Trekkers will need to fly to Brisbane, Sydney or Cairns and take advantage of our trek and flight packages from these centres exclusive to Back Track trekkers.
  • BUDGETING: There are no hidden costs. Read what you need to budget for – here.
  • TERMS and CONDITIONS: All prices are in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST. We are not expecting any price rises from suppliers, however, we reserve the right to increase costs as per our Booking Terms and Conditions, if suppliers increase costs to us.