Back Track trekkers are everyday Australians, just like you, just like us. Trekkers join us for a variety of reasons; some seeking an understanding of the Kokoda campaign; others honouring family who fought in wartime PNG; some are seeking an exhilarating physical and mental challenge; while others are striving to achieve a personal goal.
Kokoda Track Authority Licensed Operator Back Track AdventuresWhatever your reason, trekking Kokoda is a powerful experience awaiting you – an experience that will stay with you forever. Back Track’s sensible 11-day itinerary is the best itinerary to fully appreciate the Kokoda Experience. It includes a 9 day/8 night trek over the exact war time Kokoda Track. All major battle sites and important attractions visited. All treks escorted by professional Australian Guides with experienced, PNG support crew. Our professional approach to trekking was developed over our 30-years specialising in treks to remote and exotic locations worldwide. Join us for your 2020Kokoda adventure.

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Kokoda Track Trekking Dates for 2020

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IMPORTANT: 2020 Track Updates

Without doubt, one of the most enduring memories our trekkers have is their wonderful experience of interaction with the village people in Naduri on their Sabbath rest day. This has proven to be a highlight on our treks last season.

Where possible, the majority of all our treks in 2020 are designed to abide by cultural guidelines recently established by the Kokoda Track Landowners and Village and Clan chiefs. There are a number of treks, due to operational logistics, where we can not observe the  Sabbath. These are on all treks travelling South to North  (Owers Corner to Kokoda) and on ANZAC  Day treks.

“All trekkers are requested to pause trekking wherever they are located from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday in respect of the Seventh Day Adventist Sabbath”

Back Track acknowledges these guidelines; we have always shown respect for the local values. Back Track has also adhered to a sensible itinerary allowing for two-half trekking days in the middle section of the trek as a balance between strenuous activity and adequate recuperation. By combining these two half days, and when possible rearranging our departure dates from Australia, we now arrive in our home village for the Sabbath. Our trekkers are able to rest and recuperate and most importantly, our crew can spend time with their families and go to church.  We have noted that all our trek crew attend church on the Sabbath.

For any trekker who wishes, on the Sabbath the Naduri Village community have  arranged a cultural program and insight to village life for all our trekkers who wish to join in. It has proven to be a memorable highlight.  Details of these Guidelines are on our website.

Read more about these new guidelines and cultural opportunities on our Itinerary page.

IMPORTANT: Notes about Costs and Budgeting

  • HOTEL SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: Hotel costs are per person, twin share, for 2 nights accommodation in Port Moresby at the Holiday Inn Express. If you are travelling on your own you might be required to pay the single occupancy rate for the hotel. If requested, we will endeavour to find another single traveller of the same sex to share. Additional cost for 2 nights is $300. On the trek, each trekker has a twin person tent for their solo use. You do not share a tent on the trek unless you request same.
  • PERSONAL GUIDE: Would you like the assistance of a Personal Guide on the Track? For $640 you can hire the services of a Personal Guide who will carry all your gear in a backpack provided by us free of charge.
  • TREK & AIRFARE PACKAGES: Join us from Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart or Darwin. There are no direct flights to Port Moresby from these cities. Trekkers will need to fly to Brisbane, Sydney or Cairns and take advantage of our trek and flight packages from these centres exclusive to Back Track trekkers.
  • BUDGETING: There are no hidden costs. Read what you need to budget for – here.
  • TERMS and CONDITIONS: All prices are in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST. We are not expecting any price rises from suppliers, however, we reserve the right to increase costs as per our Booking Terms and Conditions, if suppliers increase costs to us.