Your Passport must be valid for 6-months from date of return to Australia.

All Australian, New Zealand and EU passport holders require a Visa to enter PNG and it is your responsibility to obtain this Visa. If you are travelling on another countries passport, please check with the PNG Embassy as to the visa requirements. There is currently no charge for the Visa.

You have three options to obtain the Visa. The Application Form and Ebola Health Form needed for options 2 & 3 are included in your Confirmation Pack. –

  1. Obtaining your Visa on Arrival at Port Moresby International Airport – you will need only your passport and your return international e-ticket.
  2. Obtaining your Visa in Australia before departure (this will avoid potential delays on arrival) – You can apply from three months before departure and you will need to contact us for a copy of your FLIGHT ITINERARY; this also needs to be submitted with your application. Please ensure both forms are fully completed and signed with one passport photo attached. If you decide to obtain your Visa before departure from Australia, it is best to take your application into the PNG consulate personally. However, if you live outside one of the consulate areas of Sydney, Brisbane or Canberra, then we recommend you post (secure express post with tracking) all forms along with your passport to the Brisbane Consulate office – GPO Box 220, Brisbane QLD 4001. Please also include a self-addressed return envelope (also secure express post with tracking) for the Consulate to return your passport to you.
  3. We are also happy to assist with obtaining your Visa – please ensure all forms are fully completed and signed with one passport photo attached to the application form along with your passport and SECURE MAIL to Back Track Adventures. We will process on your behalf for a fee of $55 per passport. Please contact us for more details.