Well fed trekkers are happy trekkers!

Back Track provides good quality, nourishing meals each day on the Track. We also supply the cutlery, plates and cups, basically everything you need to relax and enjoy your well earned meals.

A Typical Menu

Breakfast is tea/coffee/milo, porridge and Weetbix or Cornflakes with powdered milk,  damper and banana fritters. Fruit where available.  (Peanut paste, jam and vegemite are available when hot fresh damper is served)

Lunch is noodles, cuppa soups, salada biscuits, mountain bread, cheese, salami, tuna and fruit with tea/coffee.

Dinner is freshly prepared by your Team Cook and includes a variety of meat and vegetarian meals. Meals include:

  • Pasta with mince or vegetable sauce
  • Fried rice
  • Vegetable curry and rice
  • Country casserole with pilaf rice
  • Popcorn
  • Prawn crackers
  • Pappadums

Dessert is chocolate Tim Tams or  sweet biscuits served with tea and coffee. Our cooks can occasionally bake a cake, especially if there is a birthday in the Team.

Spreads: We carry peanut paste, honey, strawberry jam, marmalade and vegemite.

Condiments: We carry the following condiments: mustard, sweet chilli sauce, ketchup, chutney, pickles, parmesan cheese and soy sauce.

Local food items such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams are purchased when available from villages to compliment our dinner menus.

Fresh Food along the Kokoda TrackFresh Fruit – though it is reasonable to believe that fresh fruit should be readily available in such good growing conditions, on some treks we discover that we are unable to purchase fresh fruit on a consistent basis. Fruit usually available includes  bananas,  mandarins and occasionally pineapple and passion fruit. Wherever we encounter fruit for sale, your Trek Leader and Head Guide will purchase these items for group consumption.

If during the course of a days trek, you arrive in a village first with the vanguard of your Team and fruit items are available to be purchased , you are encouraged to purchase items for your own consumption. This should always prove to be a minor cost and you will be advised to budget for such small purchases in your Pre-Departure Information Guide. It is recommended that you have small kina notes to pay for any of these small personal purchases along the way.

Your trek crew will purchase supplies for the whole group when they arrive. As a company we are aware that the sale of fruit and vegetables and items such as eggs to trekking groups sometimes forces prices up for the same items for the local people. We try to purchase quantities at prices we believe will not adversely affect the local community.

Bring your favourite munchies: In addition to your supplied breakfast, lunch and dinner, we strongly recommend that you bring your favourite  snack items along on the trek.  Allow for 2 munchie bars, some lollies, trail mix, gatoraid or similar for each trek day. These snacks are for consumption during the trekking day and consideration should be given to items that provide instant energy.

Soft drinks: In some villages, Coke and Fanta are available.  Soft drinks sell from 5 -7 kina per can.

Twisties: Heavily salted packets of cheese twisties are also available in villages for a few kina per packet.

Please note: all meals are prepared on open camp fires and all food stuffs are carried by your trek support crew.