What is the Kokoda Track?

The Kokoda Track, or, Trail is popularly known and regarded as the 96 kilometer (60 mile) single file track with a straight line distance of 60 kilometers (37 miles). The Track runs through the beautiful and rugged Owen Stanley Mountain Range commencing at Kokoda Village on the North side of […]

Should I hire a porter?

A question we get asked a lot is ‘Should I hire a porter?‘ It is best to define ‘porter’. A Personal Porter will carry all your gear on the Track in a backpack provided by us for a fee of AUD $640. We strongly recommend this service if you are unsure of your […]

Thank You For A Great Kokoda Track Trip

On behalf of our merry band of Government House trekkers, thank you for a great trip over the Kokoda Track. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience which in no small way was due to your detailed planning and effective leadership. Your passion and detailed knowledge brought the military history of […]

Water & Rain Tips For Kokoda Treks

Unless the Gods smile on us I think it is very safe to say that we will get rained upon (possibly heavy every day) considering that it is late April and the rain is still usually hanging about. Some tips: Consider bringing 2 extra pairs of socks. Clean and water […]

Choosing The Right BOOTS For Your Kokoda Track Trek

Your boots are THE most important piece of equipment for your Kokoda Track trek. Watch our short video with tips about choosing the right boots for your Kokoda Track adventure holiday.   Choosing the right backpack for trekking the Kokoda Track

Safety, Health & Fitness On The Kokoda Track

Trekking the Kokoda Track is tough and physically and mentally challenging. The fitter you are the more you will enjoy the Kokoda Track. Your personal training programme starts as soon as you book. If you book a Kokoda Trail trek with Back Track a detailed, simple to follow Training Schedule is […]

Kokoda Trek Leaders

At Back Track we employ professional trek leaders, ensuring a safe and informed holiday. Your trek leaders will explain the history at all the battle sites, give you an insight in to the culture of the people living in the villages and keep you well informed about each days objectives […]

The Right Backpack For Trekking Kokoda

What to look for when choosing your next back pack for your next hike or trek. Everything from a lightweight day pack to an 80kg all-purpose backpack. Visit our You Tube channel for more videos about fitness and gear for trekking the Kokoda Track.

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